Asentiv Growth

The Asentiv Program is ideal for business owners and sales professionals who want to change the way they look for and receive new business.

We are experts in external growth. 

We will show you HOW

and then actively make it a working component in your business.

How Asentiv Growth Works

3 easy steps

We show you ...

You sit a 14 week program where we show you how to develop an Asentiv Marketing Plan. This is a proven strategy to growth. Trust us...its unbelievable! 


 Then we implement with you...

Afterwards we spend 9 months working with you implementing everything you have learnt so it operational in your business.


Then You Grow...

Your personal network continues to recommend you, achieving targets your business has never seen before.

Listen to some of our clients comments...

We have hundreds of clients across Australia, most of which are still working with us on other programs, many years on. 

Sitting the Asentiv Program is one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself and to my business, as it has provided me with a clear vision for what I’m passionate about and outlined the tools I need to get me there. My business would not be where it is today had I not sat the Asentiv Program.

Jeremy Mullally


The Asentiv program has helped me build my market, greatly expand my network, and improve my company’s performance. It has also given me tools and strategies that I have applied to my clients’ businesses to their advantage and growth. Finally, I have met a team of fellow business owners that are a committed as I am to get success, enjoyment and give back as much as I do.

Dominic Dolan 

Business Coach

After attending just one Asentiv workshop with Alan, the course of my business changed dramatically. We now work together in close partnership on all our business projects.

Mark Forman

Financial Consultant

The MISSION of Asentiv Australia

By providing DYNAMIC business consulting, UNIQUE relationship marketing strategies and COLLABORATE growth, Asentiv Australia creates a COMMUNITY of likeminded entrepreneurs, generating Amazing Businesses and Brilliant Lives. 

We stand by our MISSION in everything we do

What is included when you Enrol...

Our GROWTH Program is a 12 month commitment. We train you and then implement everything you have learnt so its put to work.

1. All of the Asentiv Lite Content - 24 Business Development workshops.

2. Our Flagship - Ignite Your Business Program.

3. ‘Top 12s’ meeting – a master class for you and your newly identified marketing team. 

4. Access to weekly online group coaching calls.

5. Access to monthly prospect Pipeline workshops designed to assist you in developing a pipeline of new clients. 

6. Quarterly 1-2-1 progress and implementation strategy meetings.

7. Access to all of Asentiv Workshops like "Room Full of Referrals" and "Target Market"

8. Access to our “Online Learning Platform” 

9. Your company organisational chart planning

10. Access to our private community FaceBook Group

Listen to more of our clients comments...

The Asentiv program lit a fire inside of me that made me understand the true reason why my business exists and taught me how too channel that energy into developing relationships that are both amazingly enjoyable and hugely profitable. If  I had a magic wand i would give the Asentiv program to every other small business owner so they too can be inspired to create the spectacular life that they deserve!

Daniel Cutts

IT Management

I have to say that one of my biggest take aways from the program was not just the skills and knowledge around referral partners, but also the clarity around our Business Vision, our Mission Statement and my Why. This was something I did not expect going into the course. It was an exceptional mindset shift for me and set my business off on a trajectory well beyond what I had anticipated.

Rob Murrell


Alvin Cooney & the Asentiv ethos have helped me to increase the % of clients I close on my first connection with them. I'm connecting faster and on a much more personal level with new clients. This has in turn lead to better sales.

Simon James


Our Flagship Program: 

Ignite Your Business

The program’s customised curriculum is designed to provide business professionals with clarity around building their business through relationship marketing.

We will help you build a powerful personal network who continues to recommend you at the highest level, ensuring you win customers reliably and predictably. 

You and your business

First we look at you and your business. Why it opperates and what is the passion behind it. Then we show you how to articulate this to attract your next customer relationships.

Your Growth Activities 

How you spend your time is important. In the Activities section we show you what to do and where to do it. Its a deep dive into how and who you spend your resources.

Your YES Client

Your Yes Client is someone who you just love working with. We have a clever approach to finding this client and show you how to grade everyone you work with so you only work with ideal clients.

How to Refer me Business

Knowing what to say and how to refer you targeted business needs to be trained. We show you our 5 step process to passing recommended opportunities which will position you in a closer closing situation. 

Your Personal Network

The Profitable relationships you have in your current network sometimes are left unnoticed. We help you to identify these people and drive deeper business relationships with them ensuring your time is well spent growing your client base.

How to Support your Marketing

Your Brand, Your Collateral and your social proof adds value to everything your referral team are doing. We cover all the areas you need to have ready so you are supporting the whole marketing strategy.

Your Completed GROWTH Marketing Plan

As the program progresses, your marketing plan is developing. Once you have finished the program you will have a completed, bespoke and detailed plan on how to grow your business with your people.

Alvin F Cooney


Alvin has been working in Relationship Marketing for the past 22 years. He started in the UK and now is based teaching Marketing and Business Development right across Australia. Over the years Alvin has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners understand the power of what is Relational development and how it can rapidly and sustainably grow your business.

He is an expert in teaching this growth strategy and can show you how to grow your business through stratigic Partners. His Mission is to show you HOW to excel, building an Amazing Business and a Brilliant Life.

Asentiv Lite

Let us show you how to Find, Understand, Price, Present and Sell to your next client.




  • 24 live workshops
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • FaceBook community access
Asentiv Pro

Give your business the collaboration it needs with membership to our exclusive Mastermind Community.





  • All LITE & Growth content
  • Mastermind membership


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