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Whats included in AsentivLITE

This program is designed for "Busy" Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. We focus on the client onboarding journey from prospecting to happy client and beyond.


Our first Live Workshop will start on the 8th of April but you can join us now each Monday on our group calls. 

This program will address:

  • Where to find your next client
  • How to prospect for them
  • How to present to them
  • How to sell to them
  • How to understand them
  • How to price your offering to them
  • How to get more business from them

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

In most cases, the reason business owners struggle to find new clients, is due to poor execution of a process. It's fair to say we are all passionate about what we do but finding a market who needs our solution to its problem, is the hard part. When you do find a prospect, what do we do next? The presentation skills

 and sales process needs to be flawless in order to close deals. This part of your business was not thought anywhere, until now.

This LITE program is packed full of approx 18 workshops on a 12 month rolling time scale starting in April.

Strategic Approach to Client Growth

Too often we find business owners just don't have a strategy to grow. We want to address this by giving you the tools to handle the important aspects towards client growth. How to Prospect, How to Present and How to Sell. Its a repeatable process and key to your companies growth.

Learn how to Sell

Every Business Owners need to know how to sell. We show you how to up-skill this very important aspect of your business so you close more and better clients.

Target the right audience

At Asentiv we call good clients "Yes Clients"...what we mean is that each time you go to work with a "YES Client" you have a fist pump moment, because it's an enjoyable experience working with them. Stop working with clients who dont align with your values. We will show you how to start working with "Yes Clients".

Vision for Future Growth

Every successful business has a Vision. Your Vision gives you direction and clarity. Working on your business allows you to move closer to your vision and we not only show you how but surround you with others doing the same.

Here’s what people are saying about Asentiv

Over many years in Australia we have helped thousands of business owners grow through building their client base. Here is what some have had to say.

Cathy Byrd


I cut my working week down.

I cut my working week down from 6 days to just 4.5. And one single activity from the Asentiv Scorecard, landed me a $200,000 referral! 

Shane Simons

Land Surveyor

Increased Business from my Network.

I never really thought about my network in this way. This program has opened my eyes to the power of my Network.

Anitra Graham


Unexpected Results

This is a Gamechanger. So glad I did this course and Alvin your support has been amazing. I made $20,000 in my first 3 weeks. Thank You!

AsentivLITE - (not so lite)

This LITE program is packed full of 24 workshops on a 12 month rolling time scale which start in April. Including weekly 1hr online group calls with bonus content available NOW.


Module 1: You and your Business - (2 workshop)

Having a Growth Mindset is paramount to your business success. Small business owners today get caught up in the production and don't spend enough time on the direction. This is largely due to a misunderstanding of what to do in times of growth. Simple to understand but hard to implement. We have a process.


Module 2: Prospecting  - (2 workshops)

Where is your next client coming from? Do you know? We do! We will show you a strategy on how to successfully prospect for your next customer. Show me anyone who does not want recommended business. Our methods work.


Module 3: Presenting - (3 workshops)

There is a proven method of presenting to prospects and we will show you how to do this. Wether it's one to one selling or one to many presenting, our templates work giving you better closing results.


Module 4: Sales Training - (4 workshops)

The art of selling can be learnt. We show you what to look out for and how to close sales without discounting you're offering or being pushy. It's not usually the case that consumers want the tangible object or service you have on offer. It's mostly an emotional purchase based on bettering themselves. (eg. I dont want the window, I just want a better view). People buy for different emotional reasons. You just need to know what to look out for. 


Module 5: Pricing your worth - (1 workshop)

Are you too cheap? Too often we under sell our products and services without us even knowing. Our pricing templates are a great way to understand what you should be charging.


Module 6: Networking Success - (3 workshop)

Does your networking efforts fall short? Is this because you just dont know how to do it? Let us show you proven strategy around your networking activity so you get results every time. We are experts at this and have the answers you need to succeed.


Module 7: Behavioural Styles (2 workshops)

When you know more about people you will become unusually successful.  This section is designed to help you understand the various behavioural styles, so when you do walk into a room full of people, or even your prospects office, you know how to communicate appropriately with them to achieve the required results.


Module 8: Become Referable (4 workshops)

Do you know what people  are saying about you when you are not around.  Your personal and cooporate Image  sets the stage for how receptive your target market audience is for your message. It doesn't matter if you have invested in great marketing material, sales can be won or lost within the first 30 seconds, purely on the business image perceived and the one delivered. We show you how to become REFERABLE. 


Module 9: Referral Skills - (3 workshops)

The hardest part about helping others is...helping them! I mean how do you find them opportunities? We believe there is "Opportunity Everywhere" and we want to demonstrate this to you in these workshops We show you how to be an expert connector with some easy repeatable activities. 

About your Trainer

Alvin F Cooney

Alvin has been working in Relationship Marketing for the past 22 years. He started in the UK and now is based teaching Marketing and Business Development right across Australia. Over the years Alvin has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs and Business Owners understand the power of what is Relational development and how it can rapidly and sustainably grow your business.

He is an expert in teaching this growth strategy and can show you how to grow your business through stratigic Partners. His Mission is to show you HOW to excel, building an Amazing Business and a Brilliant Life.

Aileen Armstrong

Leadership Coach

Work smarter not harder

As a trainer myself I found this program to be very rewarding. I have found it to help with the clarity around working smarter and using the power of relationships to source new business. 

John Williamson

Executive Director

Increased Productivity

After the Asentiv Program, my production increased by more than 100%. If your referral base is dead, Asentiv is the place for you to grow your business.

Mark Forman

Financial Services

Increased Growth and Ambition

The pace of our development has been breath-taking, the scale of our ambition is limitless, and our partnership with Asentiv continues to be a key part of an amazing journey

An entrepreneur often starts a business because he or she loves the product or service it offers. However, many set up their companies without knowledge of how successful businesses are run. Entrepreneurs face the challenges of being cost effective, increasing capacity, finding the right clients and understanding which numbers are most important. 

We address the common issues business owners face including...Where do I find my next client? How do I present to them? How exactly do I structure my sales pitch? What is a "Call to Action"? 

 While these concepts don’t always come easy to new business owners, we know that development is crucial to the long term success of any business, and we know how to help you develop these skills so your business grows without the stress.

Our mission is to guide and instruct you in a way that is inspiring, enriching, and entirely customised to your goals in business and in life.

Asentiv Pricing Plan

The Asentiv LITE program runs for 12 months with approximately 24 workshops spread across the program. The workshops will be delivered online and all workshops will be recorded and uploaded to an online learning platform which can be used as a learning resource.

It doesn't matter when you join the program as your 12 months will bring you full circle on the learning as you progress through the course. You can upgrade to our Flagship "Asentiv Growth"

 program at any time during the 12 months. 

Asentiv LITE

12 Monthly payments of: 

  • Business Mindset Workshop 
  • Prospect and Presentation Skills
  • How to become Referable
  • Sales Training
  • Product Pricing
  • Networking Success
  • Behavioural Styles
  • Referral Skills
  • Weekly online group calls


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

You cant loose. If you are not happy, you get your money back. Simples. 

ThWe are confident you will be extremely happy with the content of this comprehensive course that we will stand by our content. If you are not happy wishing the first 30days of starting with us we will refund your fee and cancel your commitment with us. No Questions Asked.

Don’t wait! Look at what past clients have to say about Asentiv

Brian Cunneen

Commercial Law

"Fine Tuned" the vision of the firm.

I"After completing the Asentiv business development programme, the results have been remarkable. It’s not possible to outline all the benefits we have received, but there are a number of key things to note. In particular, we have “fine-tuned” the future vision for our Firm, and also now have a strategic approach as to how to achieve this over the coming years – it’s not simply about ‘getting new clients’ for the sake of it".

Chris Lee


From 17 clients to 50.

"About 18 months ago, I was barely breaking even, and I was feeling a sense of stagnation. I was invited to attend an Asentiv class, and I knew it's where I needed to be. Asentiv helped me change the way I communicate and the way I network with others. It also helped me develop strong referral partnerships that have helped me grow my business while I helped them grow theirs. I've gone from 17 clients to 50 clients, and Asentiv was the key to unlocking that potential".

Chris Simple

Financial Services

Increase in production by 100%

"After the Asentiv Program, my production increased by more than 100%. If your referral base is dead, Asentiv is the place for you to grow your business".

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